Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Blue Box

What's better than 1 comic? 3 comics and 3 movies! That's right! Servers is going awesome with a newly announce package!

The 2 comics will be Part 19: Server wars, Part 20: Lovesick, and Part 21: Heroes
Server wars is parodying C&C: Tiberium wars and Part 21 is obviously parodying Heroes. Then in Part 20, I'm going further into Frank's relationship with a hot Sargent.

The 3 movies will all be about Bravo 3 and his quest to survive the crazy MMORPG world of nerds and no lifers. Until then he meets up with one of his colleagues.

3 comics and 3 movies. All in one pack because I'm having a hiatus on my comics and I need to complete Servers before it's too late.

I'm also announcing Servers: Aimpoint. A full machinima movie when I'm done with Servers (comic). The crew is undecided and the beginning and ending script is done. Heck, if I'm famous enough, I can get Lit Fuse (specifically without Steinmann) to help me.

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