Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Site and other stuff

I finally know how to improve my comic. By making a cheap ass site. Most of the comics will be here or maybe some blogging stuff. If you don't know what the comic is, let me explain it to you.

About Servers: It was created in March 12 2005 due to massive bordem. After watching P.A.N.I.C.S and reading Concerned, he was thinking that he should create a comic about CS:S and 3 friends or enemies
Servers comic.

Story: The story is about Frank joining a squad called Bravo squad (A homage to P.A.N.I.C.S, usaokay was also thinking about the name Alpha squad but Shazbot took it). The squad is about teaching new players how to play the game. After a week or so, Frank borrows (stole) a Blackhawk from BF2. He rode in it with his squadmates and crashed into a nearby building 52 feet from the liftoff. The squad was okay except Bravo 2 was still inside the Blackhawk. Apparently, it blew up and sent him flying to another universe (or a another server). Bravo 2 fell into a Sim world (The Movies) and was forced to help this Army fight back Aliens from another planet(The players are role playing for fun). The Army agreed to help him.
Back on the other Servers planet, Bravo 1 up a plan to rescue Bravo 2. Bravo 1 later revealed that she is a girl to Frank and her name (Katie Izaki, lol Japanese). Frank hardly believes her but still goes on with the mission. Frank later went to another place to meet up with his sister (Not named yet but she looks exactly like Jessica from Sin Episodes). He was forced to congratulate her into entering the police force (Both real life and game life). Frank accidentally went to a sex position on his sister. Thus punching him to a nearby building. Katie meets up with Frank but was later captured. The people who captured Frank and Katie later revealed themselves to be HEU (Hacker Elite Union). HEU is a combined force of PHW comics, FP, and a bunch of other clan sites. HEU is a Hacking army with their mission to get the "Book of Servers" (A file which allows the top Admin to see the I.P, play tactics, history of the players chat log, and a bunch of other stuff). It is revealed that Frank is the creator of the "Game Helmet" and a Engineer graduate from Harvard. HEU placed Frank and Katie in a hidden jail. They escaped from a new formed Army called the NATO1337. They teleported to City X (RP server) and they find a Scientist named Ted. They meet up with 2 gamers on the subway and began their journey to the NATO1337 HQ. The next Servers comic is expected to release in March - April.

Updated story line
Details will show now +1 nerd.
The year is 2012, everything is futuristic. But a creation called the Game Helmet revolutionized the world. It's the best selling system ever and you can connect online and play with anyone with the game you bought (simulation in a game, kinda like Xbox live but this is like playing a game with your own body and appearance in the game). It's creator and CEO of the Game Helmet, Frank J. Brandly is a workaholic. He's always on the Game Helmet checking for bugs (because 2000 workers isn't enough). Till one day he was twarted by a evil former admin of PHW comics (Real site) named Michael J. Clements. Since he still wants to continue with his work and now worried, he goes to a bar (in the Game Helmet, you can taste anything and 100% not get addicted to any type of drugs). While in the bar, he meets 2 patrons. Since I can't release any information, I'll skip a little further since part of that story take place in the past. Frank pairs up with 2 squad mates. Bravo 1 and Bravo 2, they're assigned to train "newbs" to become a pro or know how to play the game the person bought. Frank "borrows" a Blackhawk in celebration for their teammates but then later crashes it 20 feet away from liftoff. Frank and Bravo 1 escaped from the helicopter but Bravo 2 is stuck inside. The helicopter explodes thus overriding Bravo 2's system (and sent him flying) and landed him into another game (The Movies). There, he meets up with MMORPG nerds (Quote the WoW nerds) and "plays" with them in order to be sent back. Back on Source world, Frank and Bravo 1 devise a plan to look for Bravo 2. But Frank has other plans. Frank goes to Sin Episodes to meet with his twin-sister Jessica. She recently be congratulated into the Internet Police academy (Pun). And Frank after many "incest" mishaps, he gets beaten to a pulp. He meets up with Bravo 1 but then a mysterious team kidnaps them both. A mysterious woman wearing black knows who Frank is and asks for the Servers book (it's a file containing every single data of gamers and their tactics, whereabouts in RL, and more.) If the book gets into the wrong hands, gaming will be FUCKED. Frank and Bravo 1 gets thrown into a cell (Frank's admin powers has been reduced to normal gamer in order to hide from the hackers but sadly fails). Bravo 1 reveals that her name is Katie Izaki (a Japanese female). Meanwhile, the mysterious people who captured the 2 protagonists gets rescued by B.W.A.T (Bitchin weapons and tactics. Also a SWAT parody and an internet swat of the internet police). They rescued Frank and Katie who was about to be executioned on live TV (the hackers hacked all of the players sight thing in the game helmet). The footage created an uproar and gamers decided to form an army against the menace. The army (NATO1337) is created but meanwhile, Katie and Frank gets separated from BWAT (something happened at the teleporter in the jail). Katie and Frank meets one of Katie's associates Ted. They need Ted in order to get Bravo 2 back from the different universe (they can't buy the game because it will cause into an K.O.R.E.A.N addiction. Which is also a homage to WoW). Ted and his dad whose now working at a secret NATO1337 needs to head to his dad's position. Ted gets 2 people he knows in the server (since most places is locked out due to the threat) Fruzcruizer an 14 year old with CP armor and an close quarters combat SMG guy and Maroon_Agent, a 16 year old with Rainbow six type armor and a Spas shotgun. They all plan to ride to NATO1337 on train but was attacked by HEU (Hackers Elite Union. Formed by PHW comics and Facepunch with other hacking clans). They're defeated at the first train station so they called N.I.N.J.A, a spanish speaking swordsman. HEU stopped the train by destroying one of its tunnels onward. Thinking it its an ambushed, Frank tells Fruzcruizer, Maroon_Agent, and Ted to look for the people that was going to meet them at the stop. It turns out that HEU found the people the good guys were looking for and interrogates them for NATO1337's HQ. The 3 guys saved the 2 people they're supposed to meet from certain death (and perma-bannage). Meanwhile, Katie finds a katana on the tracks (I wonder..) and N.I.N.J.A appears and challenges her to a fight (she can't use her gun since she knows he haves ULTRA SPEED HACK). Frank, seeing that Katie sucks (and she's Japanese) he uses a code that allows movement of one person to the other person with a Wii-mote (Frank is a Nintendo fanboy). They both defeat N.I.N.J.A and finds the 3 guys they sent. They got the unconscious bodies (or logged off) of the 2 tortured victims. NATO1337 found the teams whereabouts and rescues them and send them off the NATO1337 HQ. To be continued...

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